Saturday, February 7, 2009

Windows 7 – Zune memory footprint much improved

With the identical library and podcast configuration, the Zune software uses about half the working memory on W7 than V x64.  My over-all memory footprint is roughly half of what it is in V x64 running pretty much the same app & services.  But, I’ll post on that separately.

The Zune software is much much snappier under W7 .  It takes ~1/2 the working set. 



On Vx64 the working set will continue to grow if I leave it running.  I’ve had it be > 500MB.  I left it running overnight on W7 and it stayed at the 135MB mark.  If I switch to the Now Playing view, the memory footprint does grow, but it stabilizes at a bit below 200MB on W7.   On Vx64 it again adds just about 100% more memory usage than it does on W7 for this same feature.

I have over 20k songs in my Zune library, and I basically just select all and play random.  Doing the select in Vx64 was painfully slow.  Doing it in W7 is just about instant.  I don’t know what they did, but I hope they can continue to improve W7 performance.  But, I also hope they figure out how to get some of these performance enhancements back to Vista.

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