Thursday, February 19, 2009

VS .NET symbol issue with SP1

OK, there is a question on StackOverflow that I also have.  I’ve narrowed it down, but was a bit limited in what I can post about the problem.  So, here is a blog of the problem.

1) Symbol server set up properly


2) Symbols are being downloaded from MS successfully


3) The Symbol loads properly as shown by the snapshot from the Module view


4)  This is where it gets odd, notice I have 2 System.Windows.Forms trying to be loaded.  The one from the GAC fails.  But the one from my configured symbol directory shows as loaded.


5) Trying to Step Into System.Windows.Forms gives the traditional source code error


I’m assuming the the failed reference in the GAC is what is killing it.  If that is so, is there a way to clean that up?  Feel free to answer here, or directly on Stack Overflow.


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