Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Build

It’s that time of year again.  Birthday time.  I don’t blog often, but I thought I’d give it a try for this little project.  Trying to decide what a suitable birthday present is gets tougher as more years pile up.

After much contemplation and a happy coincidence, I’ve come up with a great present!  I’m going to build a rather over the top water cooled behemoth of a PC.  The happy coincidence is that I’d mentioned to Rd (the wife) that I was itching to build a new PC and I’d probably start soon.  I figured I’d better head off that uncomfortable moment when the wife asks what this $200 charge to Danger Den is all about.  Followed by “What the hell is Danger Den?”  

Taylor (the daughter) said “Hey, that’s sounds fun.  Can I help?”  She explained she was in a computer class at school and it was turning out to be fun.  My inner nerd cockles were all fuzzy happy at that point.  I combined all of this into one great present.  I get to build a stupidly powerful PC, with extra bling that has no function other than it’s blingyness.  And, I get to do it with “the daughter.”  And “the wife” won’t stab me in my sleep because of a $500 charge to Danger Den (please ignore the increase in funding expectations created  by going legit.)   Now THAT is a birthday present.

So, over the next few months I’ll take you through the various stages of choosing pieces and parts.  And hopefully have it all fired up before Christmas.  That way I can choose to build a computer for Christmas too! 

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